Slate Roofing Advantages

The benefit and advantages of slate roofing in Melbourne and Australia. Durability Slate is an extremely durable material uses as roofing for hundreds of years. Once installed it will outlast other roofing materials such as metal, concrete and terracotta five times over. You won’t need to get...

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Slate Roofs vs Other Roofs

Slate roofs are a better choice than other roofing materials because your home is your biggest investment and needs the best protection from the elements. Your roof protects your property against the harsh Australian extremes. It is very visible and when stepping back and looking from...

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Slate Roofs Explained

What is roofing slate? Slate is a natural sedimentary rock that is ideal for roofing tiles. It is split along it’s natural lines or fractures to create the perfect material to keep weather out of your homes and buildings. These thin sheets are not man made...

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