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Moss and pollution will eventually affect both artificial slates and natural slates. Dirt in small amounts is usually not a problem, but when large portions of the roof are covered with moss, it becomes an issue. This gives your roof an unsightly appearance and harms its condition. You may prevent issues and maintain your roof in excellent form by removing moss.


We can remove moss and the source of the problem from any type of roof. We provide a cost-effective, on-time service that is both safe and affordable. Roof moss that is not promptly eliminated may lead to costly issues. This can be avoided.


Slate Roof Cleaning Moss Removal


A roof covered in moss, lichen, or algae hinders the rainwater’s flow across it. Where there is plenty of moisture, growth thrives and develops along the slate roofing lower edge (tail end), especially where the slates overlap. It becomes a self-perpetuating issue that can lead to a slew of other issues.


The main problems are listed below:

  • Growth of more moss, lichen, and algae
  • Roof tiles can cause water to build up inside your roof, causing dampness and other problems.
  • Due to frost penetration, roof tiles may develop cracks.
  • The roof may look unsightly due to dirt and pollutants


Roof tiles may be more vulnerable to damage since they are often exposed. Your roof’s lifespan can be significantly reduced if it is damaged by moss and lichen.
No roofing material is immune to lichen root invasion. The roots of lichen penetrate into the finish, eventually causing it to flake, blister, and peel away, exposing the roofing material to the elements, which leads to failure. There is no such thing as a waterproof roofing surface.


Moss maintains moisture in its structure, keeping your roof from drying out exclusively during long droughts.


Water Damage to Your Roof


The amount of moisture that a roof can withstand varies from place to place. The effect of continuous dampness on any rooftop is not considered. Furthermore, once it has grown large enough, moss will detach and obstruct valleys and water channels on interlocking tiles, allowing water to enter the home via the roof or guttering/spouting system.


Unless you’re repainting, your roof should not be water blasted.


Roof inspections and Repairs


Roof inspections and repairs are required on a regular basis to keep the roof in good shape. Roof inspections should include checking for damaged and loose tiles, as well as inspecting gutters and downpipes. Any organic debris that has built up, such as leaves, moss, or lichen, should be removed.


On rural houses, where trees are nearby and there are shaded, damp conditions, moss and lichen thrive. Steeper-pitched roofs are less prone to Moss and Lichen Growth as they shed water more rapidly than low-pitch roofs. North-facing shallow roofs, on the other hand, tend to stay moister for longer A little increase in temperature is not likely to cause any damage to the actual roof tiles or slates in most cases. In some situations, though, it may Affect the water flow down the roof, reducing drainage and causing leaks or damage. To prevent water access into the roof space, moss and lichen should be removed in these instances.


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