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There are many elements that define the aesthetics of a home, but perhaps none more so than the roof. Like fashion, architecture is often defined by its cycles of popularity and individuality. For example, some decades ago Tudor-style homes were all the rage. While not as popular now as they once were, there are still those who  enjoy this style. Perhaps their popularity will return in a few years.


What everyone can agree on is that a beautiful roof is often the stamp of a beautiful home, at least from an aesthetic point-of-view. And one of the most popular roofs for homes today is the mitred hip. To be sure, slate itself has  long been popular among homeowners, architects and designers. It is a beautiful natural product that can be formed to fit almost any roof style, including the hip roof.


But since slate costs between $15-$25 per square foot (and up), many people are choosing other roofing materials for their home. The mitred hip with slate, however,  is unique because it creates the look of slate, but is actually made out of another, less expensive material.


What makes it different from other roof styles?


The mitred hip is a type of hip roof that gets its name from the fact that the two hips are cut at an angle to intersect in a mitre joint (the end-point where two pieces meet) usually on the ridge.


A mitred hip roof with slate has an additional visual element, the ridge cap or “hip cap” (the decorative piece that caps the roof) is made to look like a row of slate shingles. The ridge cap and hips are usually made out of cedar, and the material used for the visible part of this type of  roof is a composition material with a look similar to actual slate.


Some experts will tell you that the mitred hip roof requires more maintenance than other types, since it has moving parts (of the hip caps) and the ridge cap needs replacement over time as well as repair from wear and weathering. This type of roof also may not be as  strong as some others when it comes to wind resistance, so you’ll need strong rafters if you live in an area where high winds are common.


Some people like the appearance of this type of roof, with its row of mitred hips along the ridge cap, which can be placed higher or lower depending on design preference. Mitred hip roofs  can also be adapted for use as a skillion roof with the hips turned to allow water runoff.


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The slate roof mitred Hip is a type of hip roof with sloping sides and hips at each corner.


It is one of the few types of hip roofs which allow a square or rectangular building underneath. It is perfect for a two-story home because the roof eases towards the top of the house, preventing it from looking top-heavy. So, if you’re interested Call or contact us today to learn more about roof mitred hip installations.


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