Slate Roofing Maintenance

Slate Roofing Maintenance

This comprehensive guide to metal roofing can assist you in maintaining it in excellent working order all year. This long-lasting, durable material is susceptible to wear and tear from adverse weather conditions as well as poor maintenance. Metal roofs are one of a kind because they provide your house’s curb appeal while also being more durable than asphalt or wood shingle roofs. Despite their robustness, however, they are susceptible to deterioration caused by strong winds, high temperatures, improper maintenance, and so on.

Slate Roofing Melbourne understands how critical your time is. We aim to make the process of maintaining metal roofs as smooth as possible, so expect to learn more about:


  • Why is it necessary to take care of a metal roof?
  • Cleaning the surface is time-consuming and difficult, but it isn’t impossible with the right tools. Scraping debris off or applying protective paint or polyurethane spray are surface-level maintenance tasks that don’t require special equipment, and
  • Repairs to the roof, including re-doing of holes that have frozen over during the winter.

Why Is It Important To Maintain Metal Roofs?

  1. To avoid potential difficulties


A roofing issue is a typical worry for property or building owners. Problems with the roof not only may cause damage to both property and objects within homes, but they also lead to high repair costs. Metal roofs, like any other type of roofing system, may have a number of problems. The following are some of the most common ones:


  • Leaking
  • Scratching
  • Degradation
  • Galvanic corrosion
  • Denting
  • Scuffing


Potential issues can go unnoticed and develop into major difficulties that result in a system failure if they aren’t kept up. To identify any issues and address them before they become major problems, home or building owners should schedule at least one yearly inspection with either themselves or an outside specialist.

2.Extend the life of the roofing system


Sometimes, the most challenging circumstance you can find yourself in is having to replace your entire roof too soon. The easiest method to avoid this is to keep your metal roof in excellent repair and maintenance on a regular basis.


A metal roof is like any other product in that it will not last indefinitely if not maintained. Constant upkeep can help keep your roof’s accessories in good working order while also ensuring that they perform effectively and provide protection for a long time. There are several hazardous situations in which exposure might damage the state of your metals over time, hence you must be vigilant while inspecting them to discover issues before they become worse and take action to repair them if required.

3. To preserve the appearance of your metal roof


It’s a shame to have a beautiful roof go to waste, especially when you can sell it for the same price as its aluminium counterparts. Make sure your roof is in good shape so that the money spent on replacing it doesn’t have to be spent again soon. Cleaning your home on a regular basis encourages dirt, dust, and debris to accumulate in corners and crevices. This will make your house appear old after years.

What Kind of Maintenance Do You Need for a Metal Roof?

 It’s vital to clean your metal roof at least once a year, since it may help ensure that the material lasts for decades. Although you may be able to maintain and inspect your own metal roof without the aid of a professional, hiring someone who understands what they’re doing will allow you to worry less about climbing onto your roof or putting yourself in danger while performing routine activities. Here are some suggestions for how to maintain your roof in good shape:


  • Remove any remaining debris from the metal panels. As a homeowner, you may safely clean your metal roof with dish soap and water. Before using a garden hose to wash the panels, get some microfiber cloths wet in the bucket and wipe them over them to wash away any soapy residue. A seasoned professional could be engaged if you want an expert viewpoint on how to maintain your metal roof without harming it or injuring yourself while crossing its surface!


  • Remove snow and ice from the roof: After the blizzard, it’s ideal to utilise a rubber broom or an old towel. This will prevent you from scraping your roof with metal instruments, which might harm it in some way.


  • Clean the gutters and drains: If leaves, branches, and other debris block your gutters, it might cause damage to your roof. If you want to repair your gutters yourself, make sure that they are securely attached at the top. If you don’t want future build-up, get professional help from someone who is comfortable on ladders or install gutter guards to prevent future buildup.


  • Debris should be removed from valleys: Check for leaves and branches that may become caught in the complicated-to-reach regions of metal roof panels on your property. Check for debris during a professional cleaning to avoid damaging the paint or decreasing curb appeal by removing anything that may be found on the roof.


  • Trim branches near the Roof: If you have any trees nearby, you may want to engage a professional to trim them. Many states require a roof inspection every year, and it’s important to get your roof inspected at least once a year. This is because if they bump up against your roof’s paint during strong gusts of wind, it might scratch the surface!
  • Check for any damage: If you see any significant scratches or scuffs on your metal roofing painting, indicating that it’s deteriorating and peeling off in big pieces, it’s time to get expert help.


  • You can repair scratches on your roof by using mineral spirits with a cloth. Buff the scratches part, wash it clean and allow it to dry before attempting to paint any areas that need attention.


  • Repairing visible panel seams is a simple task that doesn’t need any technical skill. If your roof’s panels aren’t properly sealed, moisture may enter your house. When you hire a professional to check it for damages and make any required repairs, they’ll look for problems and fix anything that isn’t working properly.
  • Replace or repair damaged flashing materials: Roofing contractors inspect your flashing’s seal and condition during a professional inspection to prevent water damage inside the house. If you have leaking roofs, it’s probable that they’re due to missing or shattered flashings that must be replaced as soon as possible to avoid more damage.


  • Inspect the penetration points: When assessing for damage, the roofing contractor will inspect not just your flashing but also the materials surrounding solar panels and chimneys. They’ll ensure there are no holes opened by fallen debris as well.


  • Check for corrosion: To prevent your metal roof from corroding, avoid placing different metals in close contact with each other. If your metal roof is near a range hood with ventilated appliances like the stove or dishwasher, for example, it’s best not to put them too close together and touch one another.


  • If you discover rust spots, use a mild abrasive cleanser with a clean cloth to remove them. Rinse off the debris using a garden hose and get rid of as much rust as possible. Use a wire brush that won’t corrode the roofing panels. If you detect rust corrosion, lightly sand the spot and apply a metal primer to prevent future rusting. If you like, you may paint the region using manufacturer recommendations.

Is It Possible to Wash a Metal Roof Using Pressure Water?

It is feasible to clean your metal roof with a pressure washer and hot water. If you don’t feel comfortable climbing on top of your house yourself, a contractor will have the equipment.


Keep the following in mind when pressure washing your metal roof:


  • Determine what kind of roof you have: If you know what type of roofing material and finish your home has, it will be easier to wash the outside. Walking on a flat metal roof that is slick in specific areas may be dangerous, so cleaning from a higher vantage point, such as a ladder, is preferable. On the other hand, if your high-pitched or gabled metal roofs are difficult to walk over comfortably, cleaning them by foot may be more hazardous than beneficial for this reason among others.


  • If you’re cleaning your flat roof, pick the appropriate pressure washer: The 40-degree tip will work well if you want to use a hot pressure washer on your flat roof. Water with a high temperature and an accurate angle can remove debris accumulation and dirt from your roof as well.


  • Keep in mind that too much pressure may damage your roof. Although a pressure washer is safe to use on metal roofs, it can cause harm if used for too long or with excessive force.

Do Metal Roofs Ever Need to Be Repainted?

Many people overlook the paint system on their metal roofs, which is a shame since it’s a relatively simple task. Contact a specialist to re-paint your roof for both its protection and improvement in property value if you just acquired a house with old or damaged roofing.

A Paint metal roof may offer a variety of advantages to your property, including the following:


  • Roof repair: Whether you’re dealing with little or major damage, a fresh coat of paint may help your roof recover its elegance and strength. If there are simply surface flaws such as rusting, chipping, and small holes that need to be filled, a new layer is all it takes. However, if the damage is significant, replacing it with a brand-new one rather than attempting to repair existing ones would be more beneficial.


  • Ensure that your roof doesn’t get worn or damaged: A metal roof may endure for decades without needing a fresh paint job, but it might begin to appear old and chipped over time. In that period, applying waterproofing acrylic or oil paints will protect the surface from weather damage.


  • Save money: Metal roof repainting is a great method to save money in the long run. Even if you aren’t looking to sell your house anytime soon, the painting will decrease how often you’ll need to replace it and prevent rusted metal from forming, which can lead to leaks or additional damage over time.


  • Improve curb appeal: Because your roof is such a large portion of your outside property, high-quality paint that will leave visitors with a positive perception is essential. A fresh coat of paint may enhance the curb appeal and draw attention to your property’s value, as well as its quality.

Caring for Metal Roof Screws

If you have a metal roof on your property, make sure to keep the screws that hold the panels together. Consider having some of the older and rusted-out screws replaced on your home throughout its life, in addition to caring for your metal roof.

What Are the Main Causes of Roof Screws Backing Out?

Because of the high winds, the screws on your metal roof might come loose:


  • Because of thermal expansion: The roofing contractor should ensure there is adequate space for the panels to expand and contract as the temperature varies throughout the year. This will avoid tension on screws that keep the roof in place, which might result in them coming loose over time.


  • Roof compressing is possible in heavy snow or ice, when the roof may be compressed and lower than its screws. The substance usually corrects itself after it has melted.


  • Gasket deterioration: A rubber gasket is placed between the head of a roof screw and the roof panel. Its goal is to keep water out of the hole, but it can deteriorate over time, allowing leaks from within your home.

On a metal roof, how often should you replace screws?

Look for corrosion and other indicators of wear and tear on the screws when you check your roof. Metal roofing screws will endure as long as your metal roof panels, however, their lifespan is determined by how they are installed by contractors in your area and seasonal weather conditions.

Make sure the screw pattern is correct and that there isn’t significant damage if you want to change your roof screws. If none of those are issues, just use metal roof screws as directed by the manufacturer, and don’t put too much strain on them when sealing.

Metal Roof Lifespan

A metal roof may endure as long as you stay in the house. There are several factors involved with determining how long a roof will last and when to replace it, including: location (e.g., extreme cold), contractor repairs, etc.

What Is the Average Life of a Metal Roof?

With regular maintenance, a metal roof may last anywhere from five to 50 years. The following are some of the factors that might affect the life expectancy of your metal roof before you need to replace it:


  • Installation: Because a standing seam metal roof allows the panels to expand and contract as the temperature changes, it can endure longer than a screw-down panel roof. If your new roofing contractor was not meticulous in their labour, you may expect harm after installation if they were not careful.


  • The roof is the final touch that completes your home’s exterior. It provides a protective layer of paint, preventing the metal panels from harsh weather and damage. If you observe chipped paint or other flaws on top of that, your roof will last for less time.


  • Metal roofs, like all other kinds of roofs, must be maintained and cared for to ensure their long-term performance. As with many other types of roofs, metal panels can dent from hail and snow impact, which may cause problems if the temperature changes cause them to expand or contract.

What is the Average Length of a Metal Roof Replacement?

The contractor notices any of these indications on your metal roof during your yearly inspection, they may recommend a replacement:


  • Gaps or cracks in the metal panels
  • Extreme weather damage to the roof is caused by wind or movement.
  • Damaged or missing flashing
  • All of the panels have discoloration, rust, or corrosion.
  • Roof screws that have been loosened
  • Paint finish that has been damaged

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Metal roofs are your greatest choice if you want a roof that will last. We have the experts on staff to keep it in top form for years! We can also help you with commercial metal roofing if you own a business. Clients will have a better first impression of your company if you use it. Call or email Slate Roofing Melbourne now to get started on preserving that important investment!