Slate Vs Metal Roofing: Which One Should You Get for Your House?

Slate Vs Metal Roofing: Which One Should You Get for Your House?

Slate roofing, which is manufactured from natural rocks, is quite popular among homeowners because of its distinctive appearance. They are also ecologically beneficial since they only go through minor processing before being laid. Slate, on the other hand, is pricey and needs to be maintained on a regular basis, forcing homeowners to look for alternatives.

Metal roofing, like slate roofing, may be used to resemble the look of more expensive material. It is also extremely long-lasting, withstanding weather shocks for over 50 years without deterioration. Continue reading to learn about the distinctions between slate and metal roofs and which one you should choose for your house.

Slate vs metal roofing

  • Durability

While both slate and metal roofing is quite durable, homeowners must consider certain aspects before installing either one.

Slates and metals are both high moisture resistant owing to their thick construction. This does not have a significant effect on the product’s longevity, as slate is a naturally occurring stone that may be prone to mould or fungus infestation over time.

Slate is naturally non-combustible, making it a great choice for fire protection. Metal, on the other hand, can heat up considerably in fires, although a fire-resistant underlayment may be used to improve Class A heat resistance.

Furthermore, slate tiles or shingles are not tough against impact, and they will break if a lot of pressure is applied, especially during heavy rainfall or snowfall. Furthermore, replacing the broken tiles would be difficult because it might cause harm to adjacent tiles.

  • Installation

Roofs made of concrete or asphalt shingles are both lighter and simpler to build than slate. Naturally occurring slate is heavier, making installation difficult without professional help. Furthermore, because Slate is a heavy material, if the structural foundation cannot support the weight, the building must be reinforced with steel.

Both metal and slate shingles, when used in an interlocking pattern, can improve wind and hail resistance during the winter. However, after a storm, homeowners will need to check the roofing for any damaged or chipped slates and replace them as soon as possible to avoid water leaks.

  • Maintenance

Slate, like any other roofing material, needs to be maintained on a regular basis in order for it to perform well. Slate is also difficult to maintain and should be checked for loose or broken tiles on a regular basis. When compared to metal roofs, slate might be more difficult to repair because of the paint. Furthermore, you must verify for lost fasteners to avoid structural damage.

Which type of roofing should you choose — slates or metal?

Slates and metal roofs are two of the best roofing materials available, with a long life expectancy if properly maintained. Both are highly environmentally friendly and provide your home with a distinct aesthetic appeal. Before choosing either type of roofing, homeowners will need to conduct an extensive inspection of the property.

For expert evaluation and installation of roofing for your property, contact a professional roofing contractor such as The Slate Roofing Company. Our trained experts can identify any structural concerns before installation so that the slate roofing lasts longer and improves the visual appeal of your home.