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For a professional recommendation regarding any aspect of your slate roof, call or email us today.

Installation of new slate roofs

We supply and install all aspects of a new slate roof, including high quality sarking, battens, valley irons, gutters and ridges.

Repairs and maintenance

We can fix any leaks, broken slates or damaged slate roofs, including valley irons, box gutters and ridge capping, to ensure your roof is watertight and fulfils its visual aesthetic potential.

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Restorations and heritage works

When restoring a roof, we remove and dispose of all previous slates, battens and not required roofing infrastructure whilst ensuring your home is kept water tight. We ensure our restoration works are executed effectively and efficiently so that your day to day living is not effected. We work with and around you.

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Domestic slate restorations

Installation of box gutters, valley irons and ridge capping

For any rusted or damaged roofing accessories impacting your slate roof, we can replace them so that your roof is restored to its full working and visual potential.

Mitre hip and ridge finishes

For an even more delicate and sophisticated finish, we can install mitred hips and ridges.

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Slate Roofing Services
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Decorative slate work patterns

For that something extra, we can manipulate the slate’s appearance on the roof to create a beautiful pattern. This can be achieved by changing the slates shape or by incorporating two different coloured slates into the roof.

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Lichen and moss removal

Using a soft wash hand spray, we can make your moss covered slates look brand new without damaging the natural elements of the slate.

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