Slate Roofing Advantages

Slate Roofing Advantages

The benefit and advantages of slate roofing in Melbourne and Australia.


Slate is an extremely durable material uses as roofing for hundreds of years. Once installed it will outlast other roofing materials such as metal, concrete and terracotta five times over. You won’t need to get it replaced in your lifetime.

Low Maintenance

Slate roofing is very low maintenance. Once installed it looks amazing. Is aesthetically pleasing and very stylish. Does not rust, corrode, rot or fade. Slate eliminates the ongoing problems people face who use common and cheaper roofing materials in the Australian climate.

Fire Resistant

Because slate is a natural stone material it does not burn. It is fire proof and a great protection for anyone who installs this resilient roofing material. It will definitely help to protect your greatest investment and your family.

In today's market there are commonly used and new roofing materials to choose from. Roofing slate is a thin sedimentary rock split along it's natural lines or fractures. Slate was formed over thousands of years. This rock has been subjected to great geological conditions that make it such a unique and durable roofing material.

Fire Resistant

Slate is hard, with a fine grain that is compacted and almost impervious to all substances. Slate is not affected by heat, damp or frosts. Commonly used roofing materials such as metal, concrete and terracotta are. Slate is the most outstanding roofing material on the market in Australia today. Due to slates durability and low maintenance many Australian customers choose slate as their roofing material of choice.

Our expert roofers at ‘Slate Roofing Melbourne’ provide high quality work with 100% workmanship guaranteed. ‘Slate Roofing Melbourne’ is very competitively priced, offering an exemplary service for the installation of a slate roof on new construction, existing and extensions. Customers who sign on for our expert services will be 100% satisfied with the outcome. You will have peace of mind when your exact requirements and specifications are considered and adhered to the completion of your roofing project.

We handle large and small jobs with an honest and transparent approach. There are no hidden costs. ‘Slate Roofing Melbourne’ has an impeccable reputation, taking great pride and expertise in delivering your project. We listen to you and stake our reputation on all of our slate roofing construction projects. You will be 100% satisfied with ‘Slate Roofing Melbourne’.  We use the best roofing materials and tradesmen. We are the best in the market.

‘Slate Roofing Melbourne’ is very competitively priced in Melbourne. Slate does cost more than commonly used roofing materials, but the overall benefits outweigh the initial cost, making slate the best choice and most appealing, long lasting aesthetically pleasing, safe and durable roofing product on the market in Australia today.